Sunday, 30 April 2017

My 2017 so far!

Wow! Hi everyone! It's been a while haha. So since the last time I updated a lot has changed! So lets start with the big news.

Bit of background!
Last year I was at polytechnic and half way through the year I was realizing I wasn't enjoying it and the fact that I wasn't understanding it was a very clear sign that computer science wasn't for me so after a lot of thinking, trust me, a lot of thinking, I decided, half way into my computer science degree to change degrees, change institutions and find what I really enjoyed.

Time for the Big News!
This year, I am at the University down south of my country studying a Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Marketing Management Minoring in Psychology! Quite a change right?!

How I got In!
So at the end of last year, I applied to the University not thinking I was going to get accepted because I didn't have University Entrance, chose the papers i really wanted to do, did a lot of research to make sure I actually find the papers interesting and in early December I got the dreaded email of acceptance or the other one. I opened it, feeling very nervous and read "Charlotte, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the University of (hidden for protection)." and I just cried happy tears. I had my hopes up, did everything I needed to do to get into the course and it paid off!

Now I am over half way through the semester, getting above C's in my grades and still feeling very motivated to study and do the work which is amazing!

Given my experience, University is very different from a Polytechnic so if you want information on that I am going to be writing a blog post on that in the coming week!

Also, I will be writing my tips and tricks for living life at University.

Stay tuned!

Do more of what makes you happy!
Love Charlotte xx

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