Saturday, 9 April 2016

My Cheap Skincare Routine!

Every morning I find it difficult to get motivated and my face always feels so gross when I wake up every morning. So I use these products and it really helps me wake up and get ready for the day!

This product is by Simple which are an amazing brand for sensitive skin and I highly recommend it! This moisturizer makes my face feel so hydrated and really wakes me up after a good nights sleep. It works really well with my skin sensitivity and feels very light after application. It is a good price range for those people or can't afford much too. It lasts the whole day and doesn't leave my face all shiny. just an all round amazing moisturizer! 
After using the simple moisturizer, I use this. Now its slightly different in a way it makes my face feel really smooth and relaxed. It is a very light and thin moisturizer. It adds just a little bit more to that morning routine! Very cheap and affordable too. 

After applicating the Olay moisturizer, I use this primer. I don't normally wear makeup so this makes my face glow and makes my face look like I am actually awake. It has a bit glimmer to it and isn't too thick which is really nice! Cheap and affordable :)
 So that's my skincare routine! I hope you enjoyed and will venture out to buy these products as I highly recommend each and every one of them!

What's your skincare routine? I hope you have a lovely day or night wherever you are!

Love, Charlotte x

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