Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Hobbies!

Hey guys!

Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate it! :) I thought I would share with you today the things I do in my spare time while I am not studying.

I love to read books! If I find I good book, I will not put it down! Recently I read the 'Trylle' trilogy by Amanda Hocking. This is a great book if you love fantasy with a bit of realism. 

I am also reading 'Girl Online on Tour' by Zoella Sugg. I read the first one and loved it so I am now reading the second one! Great book with people struggling with anxiety and finding who they are.

Aside from books, I love to write which is why I am starting this blog. I wrote a fanfic on wattpad a few years ago. My user is 'isithiorheystyles' if you want to check that out :)

I also love to game which is something you may not expect. But I have a 3DS and PlayStation 3 where I play lots of different games!

I also love to watch youtubers! Which will be coming in another post ;)

Well thats a few things I love to do in my spare time! Feel free to comment what you do as a hobbie!

More posts coming soon ;)

Thanks for reading and feel free to share my blog elsewhere! :)

Comment, follow share and I will love you forever <3

Love Charlotte xx

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