Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Life so Far in 2016

Hello everyone!

So 2016 has so far, been an interesting year. I have had some difficult times, some things I have realized and tasks I have accomplished. So lets go through what 2016 has been like for me up to this point and I hope this gives you inspiration to do better or work harder :)

Earlier this year I moved into a flat of 5 other girls and a guy I have never met. That has been quite a challenge for me as I was previously living with a family member and never really found a social group but now I have been socializing so much  and it actually feels good! We've had parties as every 19 year old would and it's been fun getting into the social circle a bit more. The girls (and guy) are lovely to get along with. I have also had to buy and make my own food this year which I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Like actually being serious. It's so nice to buy your own food because it's your food and you know what you like to eat and what you feel like that week.

Enough about flatting and onto studying. So I am studying Information Technology which includes coding, making databases, learning about networking and HTML (webpages). I find this really fun and enjoy it but I am the only girl in all my classes and it gets quite difficult as all the guys are scared to talk to me so I don't really talk to anyone during or after classes. I am finding things a bit difficult as I get into my "I can't do this" "This is way to difficult" state and when that happens, I can't do ANYTHING. So I need to be a bit more confident in myself but otherwise it is a great course and I thoroughly enjoy it!

I have also realized this year that maybe i'm not really interested in computers and should be doing something with more writing as I honestly have a huge passion for writing. I get so much relief from it and could write for hours on end. So that is a bit of struggle right now but I will keep you guys updated on that front :)

In the mean time, that's my life right now . Three months into 2016 and already so much has happened. I can't wait to what is yet to come.

Thanks for reading!


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